Marshall Headphones

Product Launch

Marshall Headphones released a new range of portable bluetooth speakers and hosted an intimate press event for guests in the industry to preview the collection the day before the global launch.

Event Production, Creative Direction, Set Design, Talent Management, Staffing

The press event was held in a private courtyard in Brooklyn and was set up to reflect the days of Woodstock and road tripping. Guests were treated to a British inspired dinner inspired by the heritage of the Marshall brand and a lush outdoor picnic space to relax and try out the new products, as well as enjoy a performance by local artist Cut Worms.

Sustainability Initiatives: The living plant wall installation at the event was made entirely of in season, local foliage with no floral foam used in the build (an environmentally harsh element often used in floristry.) All glassware and utensils were rentals or made from bamboo to ensure zero plastic use. The lounge used rental pieces only and props were sourced from second hand retailers, ensuring nothing was made for a one night only use.